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Leslie Riddoch

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Adam Posen

Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee

Adam Posen is a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and of the Panel of Economic Advisers to the US Congressional Budget Office; and senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.


Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor

Ann’s work has concentrated on the international financial architecture, the sovereign debts of the poorest countries, and the rise in debt in OECD economies. She is known for her leadership of Jubilee 2000, placing the debts of the poorest countries on the global political agenda, and bringing about radical policy changes at national and international levels.



Richard Werner

Professor of International Banking, Southampton University

Richard is Director of the Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development at the University of Southampton. His 2005 book 'New Paradigm in Macroeconomics' (Palgrave Macmillan) correctly predicted the collapse of the UK banking system.


110101 Mather1  broad daylight (2)

Jim Mather

Former SNP Minister for Enterprise Energy & Tourism

Jim Mather is a Chartered Accountant, who worked for IBM before founding the ComputerLand franchise in Scotland. He is chairman of Gael Ltd, non-executive director of Bloxx Ltd, consultant, speaker, facilitator and visiting professor at Strathclyde University.



Steve Keen

Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney

Steve Keen is author of the popular book Debunking Economics. In 2010 Steve received the Revere Award from the Real World Economics Review for being the economist who most cogently warned of the financial crisis.



Merryn Somerset Webb

MoneyWeek editor-in-chief

Merryn Somerset Webb has been editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek since 2008. She has previously worked as an institutional broker for SBC Warburg, a financial writer for The Week and as an editor of MoneyWeek.



Michael Meacher

MP for Oldham West and Royton

Michael Meacher MP has been the Labour Member of Parliament for Oldham West and Royton since 1997. He was Minister of State for the Environment and Privy Counsellor from May 1997 to June 2003 under Tony Blair's government.



Chris Hewett

Fellow of The Finance Innovation Lab and Associate at Green Alliance

Chris Hewett is leading the 'Disruptive Finance Policy' project at the Finance Innovation Lab, and is leading the sustainable economy theme Green Alliance. He was previously head of climate change for the Environment Agency and a senior research fellow leading the sustainability team at the Institute for Public Policy Research



Tony Greenham

Head of Finance and Business at the New Economics Foundation

Tony is Head of Finance and Business at nef, leading the programme of research into reforming the financial sector and aligning the interests of society and business. Since 2010 he has advised the government on regional economic regeneration as a member of the Regional Growth Fund Advisory Panel. He is also a regular media commentator on banking issues.



Ian Fraser

Journalist and broadcaster

Ian Fraser is a journalist and broadcaster who believes in change. He writes on banking, finance and economics for publishers including the Financial Times, BBC News, The Sunday Times, The Herald/Sunday Herald, Thomson Reuters and Dow Jones.


KT photo

Katherine Trebeck

Research and Policy Advisor, Oxfam

Katherine is Policy and Research Advisor for Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme in Scotland. Prior to this she led the Wise Group's research and policy efforts and developed their social, environmental and economic impact.



Josh Ryan Collins

Senior Researcher, Monetary Reform at new economics foundation

Josh is the lead author of nef's recently published guide to the UK monetary system – 'Where does money come from?' – which sets out in non-technical language how commercial banks dominate the creation and allocation of credit and money.



Ben Dyson

Founder of Positive Money campaign

Ben Dyson is a specialist in money and banking. He is the founder of the Positive Money campaign which spreads awareness on the flaws in the current business model used by banks globally.


Hilary Waingwright _0

Hilary Wainwright

Co-editor of Red Pepper

Hilary Wainwright is co-editor of Red Pepper and research director of the New Politics Project of the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam. Her most recent books include Public Service Reform: But Not As We Know It! (Compass/UNISON) and Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy (Seagull)


chris cook

Chris Cook

Senior Research Fellow, University College London

Following an early career in the UK Department of Trade & Industry, Chris was a market regulator at the Association of Futures Brokers & Dealers, and then at the International Petroleum Exchange (latterly as a Director). Chris now works mainly in Scotland, with Nordic Enterprise Trust, to develop new partnership-based enterprise models, and related financial products and services.



Stephen Boyd

Assistant Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress

Stephen Boyd is STUC Assistant Secretary with responsibility for economic and industrial policy, the environment, utilities, transport and arts and culture. Prior to joining the STUC in 2003, Stephen was a policy officer with the Scottish Government.


ScotWest Credit Union Pic Peter Devlin

Rod Ashley

Chief Executive, Scotwest Credit Union

Rod Ashley is Chief Executive of Scotwest Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in the UK. Serving a membership base throughout the West of Scotland, Rod has been the driving force in the growth and development of this hugely successful financial co-operative.


sargon nissan_1_0

Sargon Nissan

Fellow of the Jubilee Debt Campaign

Sargon Nissan is a fellow of the Jubilee Debt Campaign. He spent four years at nef (the new economics foundation) researching issues of financial reform, social and community finance models as well as the impact of financialisation on developing countries. Sargon has been a trustee of the Jubilee Debt Campaign and of his local credit union.



Mary Mellor

Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Mary Mellor is an Emeritus Professor at Northumbria University. She has written extensively on alternative economic and monetary systems and ecofeminism. Mary is a founding member of the World Economics Association and was founding Chair of the University's Sustainable Cities Research Institute.


hannah griffiths

Hannah Griffiths

Head of policy and campaigns at WDM

Hannah joined the World Development Movement (WDM) in 2011 as head of campaigns and policy. Previously, Hannah worked at Friends of the Earth (of England, Wales and Northern Ireland).



Raj Thamotheram

President of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets & Co-Founder of Preventable Surprises

Dr Raj Thamotheram is a well-recognised thought-leader on “investing as if the long-term matters”. He is President of The Network for Sustainable Financial Market, Co-Founder of Preventable Surprises and the Positive Deviants Club and an independent strategy adviser.



Kathy Galloway

Head of Christian Aid Scotland

Kathy Galloway is Head of Christian Aid Scotland. A practical theologian, campaigner and writer, the major focus of her work has always been peacemaking and social justice issues. She is a member of the Church of Scotland Economics Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity.


JEC - Passport

John Christensen

Director of Tax Justice Network International Secretariat

John Christensen is trained as an auditor and economist. He has worked in offshore financial services with Touche Ross & Co and was an economic adviser to the government of the British Channel Island of Jersey. He now directs the international operations of the Tax Justice Network.



Michael Northcott

Professor of Ethics at the University of Edinburgh

Professor Northcott was educated at the universities of Durham and Sunderland. He is currently Quality Audit Director in the School of Divinity. His research is principally at the interface between ethics, ecology and religion.


Willie H&S

Willie Sullivan

Vice Chair of Compass

Willie Sullivan is a political campaigner and organiser. He was a founding member of Compass and is currently Vice Chair. He previously worked for the Labour Party and also served on the Parties Economic Policy Commission.



Dave Watson

Scottish Organiser (Bargaining and Campaigns) at UNISON

Dave Watson is the Scottish Organiser (Bargaining and Campaigns) with UNISON, Scotland’s main public service trade union. He manages UNISON Scotland’s bargaining, campaigns, political, legal, equalities, and research functions.



Danielle Paffard

Co-founder of Move Your Money UK

Danielle has been involved in the group UK Uncut and has recently started the Move Your Money campaign in the UK.


Huw Davies1

Huw Davies

Head of Personal Banking at Triodos

Huw Davies is Head of Personal Banking, Sales and Marketing at Triodos. Prior to joining Triodos, Huw worked for 11 years at Nationwide Building Society.


greg ford

Greg Ford

Head of Communications for Finance Watch

Greg Ford is head of communications for Finance Watch, the public interest advocacy group. Finance Watch was created in 2011 as a counter-lobby to the financial industry, following a request by parliamentarians for civil society to have a stronger voice in financial reform. A financial journalist and blogger on financial reform, Greg was previously editor at the Financial Times Group’s newswire dealReporter.


Beth Stratford photocropped

Beth Stratford

Sustainable Economics Campaigner for Friends of the Earth Scotland

Beth Stratford is the convenor of the Just Banking conference. She is the Sustainable Economics Campaigner for Friends of the Earth Scotland and an MSc student in Ecosystem Services. Before moving to Scotland, Beth worked as a researcher and editor for the Lean Economy Connection, as a campaigner for 10:10 Global, and as an independent film director/producer.