The discussion continues! Join us for The Transforming Finance conference, May 10th 2013.


Fascinated and inspired by the talks at the Just Banking conference in April 2012, a Scotland-based citizen’s collective have decided to hold monthly public discussions of the conference’s key topics and proposals. All discussions are open to all members of the public.

If you are interested in the problems of modern banking, what can be done to put them right and how best to lay the foundations for genuine social and environmental justice, we would very much welcome your participation! Although we are by no means experts, we feel it is hughly important for ordinary citizens to begin to get to grips with the many issues raised by the conference.

Each month we’ll talk about one of the key proposals – like Green Quantitative Easing, for example, or Credit Guidance to prevent speculative bubbles and localisation/mutualisation of the banking sector. For more information on the conference’s discussions, see this����article in the Scottish Left Review.


Upcoming discussions

Unless otherwise noted, all upcoming public discussion will be held at the White Horse, Canongate, Edinburgh (back room).

    • Monday 28 January 2013: Professor Michael Northcott on Land Power and Money: rethinking the land-labour rift.
    • Monday 25 February 2013: Professor Andy Cumbers on Democratising Finance: rethinking public ownership in the banking sector.
    • Monday 25 March 2013: Iain Macwhirter, award-winning journalist and former Rector of the University of Edinburgh.


Previous discussions

      • Understanding the role of banks and finance, institutions which appear to lie at the root of many or most our present economic problems.
      • Understanding which financial measures are required to put society on an alternative economic path – i.e. what do we want governments and banks to do to create economic, social and environmental justice?
      • How to take these arguments into politics debates in Scotland and into organisations which can influence them.

For more information, please contact: Matthew Crighton (chair, Friends of the Earth Scotland): matthewcrighton [at] gmail [dot] com or Ben Stollery - bstollery [at] hotmail [dot] com